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🧡 About 💚

Hyp (@HypnoticHell) started with handmaking cosplays back in 2012. After discovering fursuits at a local con (and online) she began making her own suits in 2014. With the support of her friends, FloofUnlimited was made!Each suit is made in upstate NY with our own mitts and a whole lotta love.
Our attention to detail is one of our features we are most proud of; it's how we achieve smooth shapes and clean markings—and Hyp's personal favorite projects to make are big, wiggly tails.
We thank everyone who enjoys our work for the support; we wouldn't be able to continue doing what we love, without you.
🧡 Stay Floofy 💚

🧡 Terms of Service 💚

🔧Under construction!🔨

🔧Under construction!🔨Previous Terms of Service can be found here (last updated August 2021).

🧡 Prices 💚

Commission Status: CLOSED

All prices subject to increase depending on complexity!

Heads - $3500+

2D or 3D Eyes
Lined Interior
Plush Details (Nose / Teeth / Tongue)
Velcro Eyelid Compatibility

Add-ons: Eyelids | Piercings | Removable/Swappable Tongue | Removable/Swappable Hair

Mini Partials - $4000+

Head + Handpaws + Tail

Add-ons: Arm sleeves ($250+)

Partials - $4600+

Head + Handpaws + Tail + Outdoor Feetpaws

Add-ons: Arm Sleeves ($250+) | Upgrade to Indoor Feetpaws ($200+) OR Sockpaws ($250+)

🧡 Care Guide 💚

🔧Under construction!🔨Not all care guides apply to all suits, contact your suit maker for the best and safest results!